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            Search Center

            • The status indicator is all bright and does not work.

              Inspection part :(remote control, water discharge motor, hall board);

              Troubleshooting: first, check whether the remote control is turned on automatically, and then switch to see whether the status indicator is on. If the motor and hall board have been set without automatic water release, whether the motor and hall board are good;

            • As long as the hip wash or female special water pump has been working.

              Inspection part :(water pressure, pressurization device, computer board, ceramic tube, solenoid valve);

              Elimination method: according to wash after in determining the correct function of the pressure switch valve line pull such as water pump still work on the computer board is bad computer board, such as the pump stop work shows the water pressure is not enough, check screen pack as normal inspection solenoid valves as normal to check whether there is pressure to pipe or burst;

            • Dry (other normal)

              Inspection part :(drying motor, computer board);

              Elimination method: press the drying key after determining the correct seat, and measure whether there is a dc 12V voltage in the plug of the drying motor. If there is a drying motor, if there is no, the computer board is bad.

              Note: for example, from January to May 2005, the computer board and the drying device will be replaced together.

            • No return to zero alarm (5 times in 3 seconds, 5 times in low light)

              Inspection section :(water discharge motor, computer board, hall board);

              Elimination method: first, to see if CAM magnet and hall, such as not corresponding measuring water motor plug dc 12 v voltage, the motor is bad, if any, if no bad computer board, such as motor has been the examination hall plate at both ends of the line to see if the normal, there have been 5 v voltage hole plate is bad;

            • Leakage alarm (continuous call of buzzer, continuous flashing of low light)

              Inspection part :(water tank, computer board, strong electric connection, leakage protection plug, cleaning device leakage);

              Elimination method: first to see if there is a leak in the event of a solution, if no pull plus hotline reopened if normal water tank heating pipe insulation is bad, such as fault, still DianNaoBan bad, such as a sudden stop in the process of water leakage alarm if not leak, regulating the installation;

            • Non-automatic discharge

              Inspection part :(stepping motor, optical coupling board, computer board);

              Elimination method: A step motor keeps rotating, unplug the optical coupling plug, such as stop rotation, the optical coupling plate is bad or damp, if it is still rotating, the computer board is broken; B is not a stepping motor, remove the stepper motor plug volume 1 and other line resistance should be around 30 ohms, such as normal the very presence of communication of the transformer by the multimeter time 9 v output, such as normal, the computer board bad;

            • Not time switch machine.

              Check part :(panel, panel connector);

              Troubleshooting: unplug the panel if it is normal, may be the water short circuit of the panel, or the panel is not in contact with the attachment;

            • The water in the water tank is normal, the cleaning function is not out of water, and the low light is dimming when drying.

              Check part: outlet voltage of user's home;

              Troubleshooting: from the user's total power supply to the wiring board inspection;

            • The washing machine is not working properly. It is always in the buttock tube or female special tube.

              Inspection section :(ceramic valve core of the washer, optical coupler plug);

              Troubleshoot: one possibility is that the ceramic cartridge is stuck, and one possibility is that the plug contact of the optical coupling is not good;

            • Step motor alarm (3 seconds for 5 sounds, cut off the strong power)

              Inspection section :(panel, washer, transformer);

              Elimination method: first, pull out the panel to see if normal, such as normal short circuit panel, such as the phenomenon is still check the cleaners, pull out light coupling line as normal cleaner is bad, if not normal, check whether The Times of the output voltage of the transformer is normal, if not normal transformer is bad;

            • High temperature alarm (the buzzer is continuously called low light)

              Inspection part :(magnetic temperature sensor, temperature sensor, computer board);

              Elimination method: open drainage bolt use the hand feeling whether water temperature more than 45 ℃ can sure win min switch is good or bad, back into the water, turn off the heating water temperature with the remote control, the volume of the water tank heating plug if there is a 220 v voltage, if you have bad computer board, if there is no water temperature sensor measurement value is normal, if not normal, change the water temperature sensor (3062 PC board will sometimes conduction conduction, sometimes lead to high water temperature, then in a computer board);

            • The dim lights flicker (over the 90S)

              Inspection section :(water tank dry spring pipe, solenoid valve, upper cover and installation strip contact, transformer, computer board, ceramic pipe);

              Elimination method: look at the presence of water spilled from the nozzle, such as with the measuring reed pipe is connected, if no overflow, then see if customer home water pressure is greater than 0.4 mpa, such as greater than with a multimeter test the electromagnetic valve on both ends of the presence of dc 12 v voltage? If no measuring transformer whether there is a time extremely ac output, such as normal computer board bad, if there are any amount then remove the solenoid valve on both ends of the resistance should be around 30 ohms, if not the whole machine and installation of the poor contact, if any, the electromagnetic valve suffocated or filter blockage, such as hear the water running may be ceramic inside the pipe burst;

            • When sitting, press the hip, female special, dry does not work, and the nozzle clean and the lighting work is normal.

              Inspection part :(seat ring, computer board, attachment connection);

              Elimination method: with no dry soft cloth is placed on the seat sensor is directly above the multimeter tributary 20 v file flow sensor line, if there are 5 v is bad (in circle) sensor connectors or poor contact, such as 0 v, computer board bad;

            • When no one is seated, press hip, female special, drying can work, and the nozzle cleaning and lighting do not work.

              Inspection part :(seat ring, computer board);

              Method: with no dry soft cloth to wipe clean seat 20 cm from the front to the right, such as is not normal, then seat with seat sensor Chang Dao stone, in seat, such as type Ⅱ should check whether six line contact good;

            • No deodorization (other normal)

              Inspection part :(deodorant fan, computer board);

              Troubleshoot method: confirm the correct seat and use the universal meter dc 20V to measure the deodorant fan socket should have 12V voltage if the fan is bad, if no computer board is bad;

            • Warm air (other normal)

              Inspection part :(drying device, computer board);

              Elimination method: drying measurement on both ends of the heating wire frame is 89 + / - 4 ohm resistance without the drying device is bad, if yes, confirm the correct seat press drying after measuring the heating wire is there a 220 v voltage on both ends of the box outlet, such as no voltage is bad computer board. If the drying device should be carefully inspected the computer board. Remark: if short circuit between motor groove back sometimes caused by the increasing load and speed slow heating wire box open, can also lead to computer board D882 burning phenomenon occurs, then please tell the computer board and drying device and change at the same time;

            • No heating (other normal)

              Check part (remote control, seat heating wire, temperature sensor, computer board, connector);

              Excluded methods: set up with the remote control heating state (the wait 10 minutes) without heating, please remove the seat hotline measurement on both ends of about 960 + / - 50 ohm resistance value, without heating wire open, if you have any measurement on both ends of the temperature sensor resistance (5 ~ 15 k k) as normal, connector contact is good? If normal, computer board is broken. If the seat is changed, the test is normal. If the seat ring is heated, the computer board will be damaged;

            • Water is not hot (other normal)

              Inspection part (remote control, water tank heating tube, water temperature sensor, thermal fuse wire, computer board);

              Troubleshooting: is the remote control temperature set at room temperature? To wait for 10 minutes, no hot, please remove the measuring tank resistance is about 92 ohms around on both ends of the hotline, and test whether there are about 92 ohm resistor on both ends of the heating tube, without the fuse bad, measuring at the ends of the temperature sensor resistance (25 k to 80 k) as normal, if all the bad computer board, such as in the tank, change detection is normal, after water have been heating is computer board bad to change together;

            • Show no

              Check part (power socket, leakage protection plug, power button, installation strip contact, transformer primary, panel, computer board);

              Troubleshooting: does the power socket have electricity? If yes, do you want to see if the reset button is pressed? Is the power supply pressed? Is the upper cover and the mounting bar in good contact? Does the transformer have 7V output? Is the panel short-circuited? If the above is normal, the computer board is broken;