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            Search Center


            Customer service hotline:400-1821-888

            After-sales service culture

            Service purpose: to improve the reputation of dealers and end users;

            Service philosophy: products without after-sales service are defective products;

            Service response time: after receiving the service call, the customer service center of headquarters is responsible for answering, keeping records and giving feedback within one hour.

            Service supervision: in order to better serve the customers, the customer service center welcomes dealers and customers to supervise the work of regional sales service personnel.


            After-sales service interpretation

                Service is the productivity, the key factor that wins customer trust and cooperation. The better the service, the better. Customer satisfaction is higher. A satisfied user with ten new users; But an unsatisfied user can affect a hundred potential users. Therefore, we should serve the customers with our heart, take customer satisfaction as the starting point, take meticulous care, exceed the customer expectation, create higher added value for the product, and create better benefits for the enterprise.

                "Take the customer as the center," and for the purpose of service: enterprise only all embark from the customer, all for the sake of customers, the solid service in every detail, the implementation of the whole process of quality service, to win the trust of customers in the fierce competition. , clean, put the customer's service every time, as an opportunity to promote the image of and perfect themselves, display, from the customer in the manners of subtle understanding and capture the customer's demand, to provide customers with attentive, considerate, thoughtful service, to meet or exceed customer demand level, make customers feel good value and value.