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                 Since its founding in 2006, to build a new concept of world family bathroom life, and has provided healthy, comfortable and exquisite bathroom life for global population as their own task . It is determined to become the pioneer of the world's smart bathroom products.



            Zhejiang tejjer intelligent sanitary ware co. LTD was established.



            Tejjer obtained the EU CE certification, which laid a foundation for Tejjer products sold abroad".



            Tejjer, together with TOTO of Japan, kohler of the United States and other world-renowned bathroom enterprises, participated in the drafting of the ministry of construction's industrial standard "toilet sanitary ware" (ie., intelligent toilet), which was highly appreciated and recognized by the editorial committee.
            Obtained the ISO9001 certification, which ensures the continuous stability of product quality. 
            Tejjer attended the 13th China international kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition, a high-end exhibition with absolute authority in the bathroom industry, and received tens of thousands of business visitors. From then on, it has participated in the exhibition as a regular exhibition every year and constantly displayed Tejjer's new technologies and products. 
            Due to it outstanding contributions, it was awarded the "outstanding contribution unit" award by the ministry of construction of China and the China real estate and housing research commission.



            Tejjer has obtained CQC certification.



            Tejjer pioneered instant heating technology, which led to the intelligent toilet technology revolution and attracted the attention of the industry.
            Tejjer was awarded the national high-tech enterprise, which was rarely awarded to its domestic counterparts, and passed the review in 2013 and 2016.



            Tejjer products have been awarded the "most popular award for appland" by the organizing committee of China home appliance expo.



            Tejjer has been awarded the national quality and integrity outstanding enterprise.
            According to the evaluation of China ceramic industry association, tejjer was rated as "the top ten intelligent sanitary ware brands in China".



            It was issued by the ministry of industry and information technology "Innovation product award" and the China ceramic industry association"Gold award of Chinese intelligent sanitary ware products".



            The chairman of the special Tejjer president of the CCTV 'struggle' column.
            The new Tejjer factory district has been completed successfully and has become a large domestic intelligent toilet R&D production base.
            Served as the vice President of the intelligent sanitary ware branch of China ceramic industry association, and became the vice President of the intelligent home branch of China building health ceramic association.
            Served as the deputy director member of the intelligent sanitary appliances committee of China household electrical appliance association.
            CCTV's "focus interview" program interview with the President of Tejjer.



            Tejjer celebrated the 10th anniversary of the new factory and the completion of the new factory area.
            Tejjer became the first intelligent sanitary ware company to be certified by baidu V3.
            Chairman was interviewed by 'China Daily'.
            Awarded as the top 10 intelligent toilet enterprises by China building decoration association.
            Interviewed by CCTV 'Dialogue' and attended TV sgow recording.



            With mayor Bing Zhang, chairman of Tejjer attended the live recording of CCTV's two sets of dialogue programs. Awarded the honorary certificate of "taizhou famous brand products" in January.
            Tejjer TA-820 smart toilet won the title of "benchmarking security intelligent all-in-one machine".
            Get "good quality certification certificate", choose and buy intelligent toilet card can be found.
            Won the "quality innovation award" in the selection activity of science and technology award of the second construction health ceramics quality conference.
            Tejjer smart toilet cover TB-320z won the gold award of "2017 China featured tourism commodity contest", and it can buy good products without going abroad.
            Participated in the drafting of GB/ t34549-2017 national standards for hygienic sanitary ware and intelligent toilet seat.
            Participated in the smart toilet public toilet project of taizhou municipal government, and provided a large number of high-quality products for the five-star public toilet "changhe post station".



            With the certification of the intellectual property management system, Tejjer will become one of the few enterprises in the intelligent toilet industry with intellectual property rights, which will support the sustainable development of Tejjer and maintain its vitality.
            With its strong presence on CCTV, Tejjer has begun to display its brand. The national platform has become a national brand. Let's witness the rise of tejjer's brand together.
            Tejjer launched the high-speed rail advertisement, and 200 groups of ads for mobile cars were displayed in rotation, which helped the image of tejell to be rooted in consumers and the brand marketing was launched in an all-round way.
            Change breakthrough - Tejjer core dealer marketing summit and new product conference "was held in Shanghai, new marketing mode, brand core competitiveness, intelligent toilet industry continue to away.